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Traction Tables

Leander Flexion / Distraction

While gravity keeps our feet planted firmly on the ground, it also causes a lifetime of compressive force to our spine. Since the joints of the spine overlap like shingles, they sometimes become “jammed” too far down. The Leander flexion/distraction table is used to help bring the joints back to a more favorable position. The patient holds on to the handles out in front, while the feet are secured to the end pad with a strap. The doctor turns on the motor so that the feet move up and down, causing the back to stretch intermittently. The doctor manually isolates the problem areas to decompress specific joints. Relief is often felt instantly, although a series of treatments is usually required.

Hill Traction

Some patients find it more comfortable to lie on their backs during spinal traction. The Hill Traction Table is designed to provide axial traction (stretch lengthwise) to the lower back or the neck. The table also includes a set of rollers under the back, which provide a gentle wave-like motion to the spine during the traction therapy. Most patients find this “double action” to be very enjoyable and very effective in providing pain-relief from jammed joints and compressed discs.”