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X-Rays in Fort Worth

Following the patient interview and physical examination, your doctor will advise you if diagnostic imaging is necessary, as well as the benefits vs. risks of x-ray. We appreciate your concerns about radiation.

In our office, we only take x-rays if the films might be helpful in diagnosing your condition and in determining proper treatment methods. Dr. Bronson takes only the minimum number of pictures that are necessary in each case. Properly maintained equipment Bronson Chiropractic in Fort Worth - X-Ray Diagnosticand skillful technique ensure quality images.

Dr. Bronson then carefully interprets the images, with attention not only to alignment of the bones, but also to bone and joint quality, signs of injury or arthritis, disc spaces, and even the soft tissues surrounding the bones. Every patient gets to see their x-ray films during a “report-of-findings.” The x-ray films are kept on file in this office, and can be checked out to share with other doctors as needed.