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Meet The Staff

Martha BronsonMartha Bronson

Clinic Manager

Martha makes the clinic run smoothly and takes care of everything from corporate duties to scheduling new patients and helping them get the care that they need. In her free time she enjoys gardening, growing her own herbs and vegetables and using them to cook gourmet healthy meals for her family at home, She also enjoys painting numerous artworks – some of which are on display here in the clinic, exercising first thing in the morning, spending time outdoors, helping move longhorn cattle (she’s quite the ranch hand!), and doing wildlife photography.

"Our friendly staff makes this doctor's office a fun place to be. We enjoy working together in the interest of serving our nice patients." - Martha

Rose Seagle

Insurance Specialist

Rose has been loyal to the Bronson Clinic for 30 years. She likes to live a healthy lifestyle, enjoys going for walks outdoors, dancing, and spending time with her family. She is incredibly dependable and is a health insurance pro – making every patient’s visit seamless and easy. She usually works behind the scene but also helps out at the check-in/check-out desk.

"We want our patients focused on health and wellness, so I make the insurance billing process as simple as possible. We are a 'no worries' office." - Rose

Chrisanne Robertson

Chiropractic Assistant

Chrisanne brings undeniable joy to the clinic and brightens up the front desk every single day. She literally turns on the lights. We always get complements on how helpful and genuinely caring she is. But don’t let her smile fool you… she grew up with three brothers, so she’s tough! She welcomes everyone at the check-in counter and also steps in to help with therapies when needed. She enjoys being active in her local church and loves spending time with her Husband of 38 years and their pet cats.

"It is my pleasure to serve you and to make your treatment visit an enjoyable experience. We listen and we care." - Chrisanne